Mallard manufacturers a variety of different control and indicating equipment. All offerings have been tried and tested, and are a proven workhorse in the oilfield.

Mallard has released a sizing program to help you select which valve you need based on your conditions! Go their site and download it here

The following are PDF product guides:

Piston Check Valves

Model 5800

Control Valves

3-Way Model 5530/5540

Model 5500

Model 5520

Dump Valves

Model 5400/5450

Model 5100

Model 5126

Model 5127

External Chambers

3208 chamber

3208-H Chamber

3208-V Chamber

Level Controllers

3200 Controller

3201 Controller

Level Guages and Gauge Valves

3500/3510 Gauge Valves

3520/3540 Sight Glass

Level Switches

3100E Switch

3100P Switch

3900 Switch